Anton Pann Memorial House

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Music performed by the Trei Parale Group and the Anton Pann Ensemble

The curator concept for this exhibition takes after the principles of interaction and connection. The life story of a writer is told in a whole new way. The exhibition is an adventure in the literary and political world of the subject’s time. The most beautiful book illustration by famous Romanian artists, interactive and animated installations. Twenty-three musical instruments as they would have been during the first half of the 19th century, a sound archive, sheet music, secular and religious arrangements for voice and instruments composed by Anton Pann. This is the first permanent exhibition of the house that keeps the memory of the writer and his times alive, presented in a curatoral concept by the architects Constantin Goagea and Justin Baroncea.

The house was the first and only house that Anton Pann owned. He bought it in 1848, a short distance from the Sfântul Stelian-Lucaci Church, where Anton Pann would sing. The property has a large yard, where the owner would house is printing press. Anton Pann would go on to complete the second edition of his masterpiece, Povestea vorbiiand other great works such as, Nezdrăveniile lui Nastratin Hogea, the author's other flagship creation, as well as O șezătoare la țară sau Călătoria lui Moș Albu. The Anton Pann Memorial House joined the MNLR cultural heritage less than a year ago and can be visited free of charge until the end of the year.

Ioan Cristescu, Director of the National Museum of Romanian Literature

AUTHORS: Constantin Goagea, Justin Baroncea, Anastasia David, Alexandru Condrea

SCIENTIFIC CONSULTANTS: Gabriela Dumitrescu (Romanian Academy), Nicolae Mecu (Institute of History and Literary Theory "G. Călinescu"), Florin Iordan (Trei Parale troupe), Constantin Răileanu (Anton Pann troupe)

COLLABORATORS: Emanuel Birtea, Mihaela Butoi, Cristina Ginara, Alexandru Ivanof, Sonia Lascu, Adina Lupu (documentation), Radu Manelici (graphics), Ioana Naniș, Sabina Nechita, Ioana Trușcă, Alexandru Voicu, Rareș Nedelcu , Urban Paint (performance)

MNLR TEAM: Emanuel Cambosie, Ana Claudia Cencu, Andreea Drăghicescu, Emil Doicescu, Victorita Doicescu, Anita Grigoriu, Alina Ioan, Andra Ispas, Ina Mareș, Cristina Milca, Ilinca Stratan, Luana Stroe, Violeta Vârjoghe, Loredana Voicila

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