George and Agatha Bacovia Memorial House,

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George and Agatha Bacovia Memorial House,became a memorial house in 1966 and was the home of George Bacovia (1881-1957) from 1933 until his death. The poet and his wife, Agatha Grigorescu Bacovia (1895-1981) moved to Bucharest in 1933, joined by their only son, Gabriel, in a modest home on Strada Frăsinetului. At the beginning of the 20th century, this suburb of Bucharest belonged to the township of Șerban Vodă. The house was built using a loan given to Agatha by the Teacher Training Center, and construction took about a month. Agatha oversaw the worksite and ensured that their home became a memorial house in 1958, just a year after the poet’s death. The project was difficult as state assistance at the time was scant, due to the name of the street, Frăsinetului (Ash Tree). It took until 1966 to earn the title George Bacovia Memorial Museum. Muzeu Memorial George Bacovia. The house maintains its authentic charm and recalls the time in which the Bacovia family lived there. Visitors can enjoy numerous personal items of the family (furniture, documents, manuscripts, photographs), as well as the robust flower garden, and ponder a time in history rich in cultural currents, meaning, and meetings.

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