Tudor Arghezi – Mărțișor Memorial

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Tudor Arghezi – Mărțișor Memorial House, is a historically unique space, with its own unique memories. In 1930, the poet and one of the greatest innovators of Romanian poetic language, Tudor Arghezi (1880-1967), moved into house which would be remembered as “Mărțișor”. According to the writer’s written wishes, the house became a memorial house in the year 1974. The building has a ground level and first floor, 18, discrete rooms, and annex spaces. Visitor’s the memorial house will discover the poet Tudor Arghezi’s furniture of the period, books, works of art, photographs, and original documents. The former print shop Biletelor de papagal, now houses volumes, documents, magazines, and images from the family’s history. Today, visitors can also enjoy the documentary Prisaca (1956), by filmmaker Paul Anghel with English subtitles. Prisaca, The Mărțișor house is particularly renowned for its orchards and its literature workshops, organized by MNLR curators with preschools, schools, families. All visitors are welcome to join by 15 September and 15 June.

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