MLR Publishing House

The Muzeul Literaturii Române publishing house was founded in 1994 and has received a B+ grade for scientific publishers. Targeted for a specialized audience, MLR publishes sophisticated philological works by writers, critics, literary theoreticians, as well as young researchers.

Publishing house collections: 

  • “Fundamental Works” is an elegant series for bibliophiles, under the aegis of the Romanian Academy, from National Foundation for Science and Art in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian Literature;
  • “Postscriptum” collection focuses on previously unseen correspondences of Romanian authors;
  • Current studies in literary research (literary theory, literary criticism and history, cultural studies, linguistics, etc.);
  • “Aula Magna” collection brings together young researchers and publishes doctoral theses in philology, coordinated by big names in Romanian academia and university;
  • Updated critical editions.

The museum also edits three unique publications in the Romanian cultural space, each striving to draw attention to new appearances in museum’s heritage collection, and outlining the newest threads in literary research.

  • Manuscriptum
  • Caietele Avangardei
  • DICE