The Main Exhibition CREȚULESCU

Visitors can find the Main Exhibition at the heart of the capital, on Street Nicolae Crețulescu 8, in a museum of the word, a verifiable house of writing, inside of the walls of a early-20th century residence, once belonging to Division General Leon Mavrocordat.

The museum stretches four stories and offers a unique perspective on Romanian literature. In every room, visitors can enjoy a refined and understated dialog between literature (manuscripts, books, photos, and writers’ personal belongings), architecture (the careful arrangements of salons and ceiling decorations), visual art (paintings, sculptures) and modern virtual installations (holodeck, holopixel, interactive and informative video).

Visitors also have audio guides personalized for children and adolescents, youth and adults, guides designed for special needs (sign language, and Braille), as well as interactive applications and screens for an experience that is rich in accessible information and as enjoyable as possible. The museum curators are available for visitors’ questions, to offer thematic guides based on the stories behind the museum pieces, and to uncover fascinating aspects of Romanian authors’ lives.

Visitors from abroad can access the application to hear the description of the museum pieces as well as the NMRL audio guide in English, French and Spanish. For guides in French, English and Spanish, visitors can schedule a tour at

The museum also contains a bookstore and a souvenir shop with excellent gift options.

The main exhibition on Nicolae Crețulescu Street no. 8 includes four event spaces outfitted with audio-visual equipment and offers free hosting of book launches, debates, conferences, public readings, concerts, film screenings, plays, and workshops. To reserve the space, please contact

Event tickets can be purchased online at


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